Excellent Advantages of Seeing a Primary Care Provider

Who do you call when you have a sore throat, get a rash, have a fever, a respiratory infection, or just don’t feel well? Many adults choose to visit a primary care provider, or PCP, for a multitude of common medical issues. If you don’t have a PCP now, consider these excellent advantages to working with one.

A PCP Is A Generalist

Think of the old time family doctor, and you will understand the value of a PCP. Only now, he or she has the newest technology and a network of specialists to manage your care.

Their purpose is to provide long term health care to you and your entire family. They can treat infectious diseases like the flu, the common cold, strep throat, and many other common illnesses in children and adults.

A Recent Study Highlights the Value of a PCP

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A recent study compared adults with an existing PCP to those without one. They discovered a number of advantages for those with a regular primary care provider. Individuals with a PCP were found to be significantly more likely to:

  • Fill prescriptions
  • Have routine screenings for preventive care
  • Have cancer and colorectal screenings
  • Have mammograms
  • Schedule preventative care like flu shots and have blood pressure checks
  • Have high value diabetes care

Important Preventative Care

Regular visits to your primary care provider help to detect medical problems much more quickly than if the person were to just wait for their condition to worsen with time. A PCP can catch issues before they become serious and identify any patients who may have risk factors for a serious conditions like diabetes or heart disease. In accordance with these findings, they can also suggest lifestyle changes or diet recommendations, prescribe any needed courses of treatment, and monitor the patient’s progress.

A PCP Manages Chronic Conditions

Your primary care provider helps to manage many chronic conditions like hypertension, asthma, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

They Become a Trusted Source of Information

Once you find a primary care physician, they quickly become your “go to” for all things health care related. As this relationship develops, patients typically become more and more comfortable to the point where they can talk openly with their PCP about particularly sensitive health issues.

Continuity of Care

All of your health information, family medical history, and medications are known to your PCP. When you have an appointment, you don’t need to start from scratch every time like you would at an urgent care facility. This familiarity saves time.

Your PCP also manages your medications, so there is no confusion over what you have been prescribed or possible side effects from these medications.

Save On Health Care Costs

Because patients are scheduled to have regular check ups at least once per year, taking preventative care measures and keeping up with screenings becomes much easier, and also aids in avoiding serious illnesses that can lead to large health care bills. Of course, if you do need a specialist, your PCP can make the referral to the best one for you.

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