About Madison Medical Associates in Madison, AL

Our Mission is to provide advanced patient care with specialized, individual treatment

Madison Medical Associates has a team of experts that care about you and want to help you treat your pain. Our program is proud to introduce our collaboration with Results Physiotherapy and SportsMED Interventional Pain Management as integral partners. We are a network of professionals with experience treating a variety of conditions. Using our years of expertise and training, we provide effective treatments along with compassionate care.

Madison Medical Associates is dedicated to you because we understand how chronic pain can affect your quality of life. Our team specializes in pain management so we can help you find effective relief from chronic pain. Our office is conveniently located in Madison, Alabama, just a short drive from Decatur and Huntsville. Learn more about Madison Medical Associates and call our office at (256) 325-1160 to schedule your appointment today.

Meet Our Team

At Madison Medical Associates, our team of physicians have a wide range of subspecialty fellowship training and expertise from a variety of top academic medical centers and are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality of care.


What We Do

What We Do

Our providers are committed to applying the most innovative pain management methods available to restore a better quality of life. We specialize in all areas of pain management and offer a wide-range of procedures to treat mild and severe pain cases. Our treatment plans utilizes a variety of effective pain management techniques. Plan options range from conservative pain management to minimally invasive procedures.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Simply put, your physician is able to focus on being just that: your physician. Madison Medical Associates helps manage the non-medical tasks so that you and your doctor can focus on what is important: you! We want the patient to come first, because we believe that’s the way it really should be.

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Madison Medical Associates is centrally located in Madison, Alabama. Our physicians treat patients from all across Northern Alabama including Decatur, Huntsville and more. Read our recent patient reviews and call Madison Medical Associates at (256) 325-1160 and schedule your appointment today!