Preventative Health Care in Madison, AL

If you would like to meet with a preventative health care provider, contact Madison Medical Associates to schedule a wellness exam and determine how you can lead a healthier lifestyle. Our providers will take the time to discuss any changes in your health and help you be the healthiest version of yourself. To schedule your physical exam at our medical center in Madison, AL, please call (256) 325-1160 today.

Access to a knowledgeable, caring doctor and regular office visits is a primary factor to better health, quality-of-life and longevity. Madison Medical Associates provides the following:

Preventive Health Exams, Diagnostics and Risk Factor Identification

Routine physicals and screenings are important for prevention, risk factor identification and early intervention. Our services include:

Chronic Disease Management

Our medical team is skilled ongoing monitoring and management of chronic conditions such as:

Evaluation and Management of Minor Illnesses and Injuries

We treat routine, non-emergency conditions and coordinate care for patients with undefined symptoms and complaints and new occurrences of pain.

Geriatric Medicine

We treat an array of chronic conditions associated with aging and provide care for patients dealing with multiple medical conditions at the same time. Our providers will fully evaluate each different condition and offer care that will treat all aspects of your health.

Schedule your Preventative Health Consultation in Madison, AL Today

The providers at Madison Medical Associates offer testing and treatment for preventative health conditions at our medical center in Madison, AL. If you begin to notice and changes in your health or would like to schedule routine testing, please call (256) 325-1160 and schedule your consultation today! Madison Medical Associates provides care for patients located in Northern Alabama including Decatur, Huntsville and the surrounding area