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Addiction Treatment Center in Madison, AL

Our team works together to provide a plan unique to your needs

Madison Medical Associates is a drug addiction treatment center committed to your recovery process.  Our program offers an in-depth interdisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. Our staff prioritizes patient and family care through educational programs and personal tailored treatment.

Please call us or request an appointment to discuss our methods of drug addiction treatment. It is our mission to treat patients and help them overcome life’s obstacles. Our goal is to inspire, guide, and deliver the support needed for full recovery.

Individual Therapy

Every individual is unique. Our lives are made up of differing circumstances, backgrounds, families, and friendships, each of which have a unique way of shaping who we are. Together with your counselor, you can explore the ways in which your past and present influence how you feel today, all within the confines of a safe and private environment.

Pain changes lives in unimaginable ways. It is understandable that patients are often unprepared for those changes. Depression, anxiety, and stress are common responses and therefore seeking counseling is not only understandable but encouraged. Our therapists have years of experience helping patients work through chronic pain. Their experience and knowledge can help you find techniques to help and guide you through whatever challenges you may be facing.

We are here to help – whether the issue is opiates, methadone, benzodiazapines or alcohol utilizing Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol.