Pain Management, Medical Weight Loss, and Addiction Treatment in Madison, Alabama

Madison Medical Associates is committed to providing the best quality and safest care available. Our team of providers collaborate with Results Physiotherapy and SportsMED Interventional Pain Management to bring you comprehensive care relating to pain management and rehabilitation.

Along with pain management, our physicians provides addiction counseling at our office in Madison, Alabama. Our office is centrally located and easily accessible from Huntsville and Decatur. Learn more about the services and treatment plans we provide and call (256) 325-1160 to schedule your appointment with Madison Medical Associates today.

Pain Management

Whatever type of chronic pain you may be experiencing, it has no doubt impacted your life. Our providers will partner with you to develop a treatment plan designed for your best outcome.

Medical Weight Loss

Weight management is a program that can help uncover the causes of your weight gain, screen for health issues, and create a plan for successful management towards a healthy lifestyle.

Addiction Treatment

Madison Medical Associates provides drug addiction treatment in Madison, AL. Our program offers an in-depth approach to addiction treatment. Our goal is to inspire, guide, and deliver the support needed for full recovery.

Low-T Treatment

Madison Medical Associates provides Low-T testing to determine if your testosterone levels are below normal. If your levels are below normal the next step will be to determine the cause and then map out an individualized treatment plan to increase your testosterone levels.

PRP Injections

A new type of treatment for injuries called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have been gaining significant attention among the medical community. The physicians at Madison Medical Associates provide PRP injections at our office in Madison, Alabama.

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Division at Madison Medical Associates features a specialized group of board-certified practitioners and staff. Our team is focused on meeting the diagnostic and treatment needs of both serious and recreational athletes.