Annual Physical Exams in Madison, AL

What is an Annual Physical Exam?

An annual physical exam is a regular visit with Madison Medical Associates every year to evaluate your overall wellness and condition of your health. This exam can help your provider learn important information about your lifestyle, along with your physical and mental health.

If you would like to meet with our care team, contact Madison Medical Associates to schedule a routine wellness exam and determine how common health conditions may be effecting your life. Our providers will take the time to discuss any changes in your health and help you be the healthiest version of yourself. To schedule your annual physical exam at our medical center in Madison, AL, please call (256) 325-1160 today.

Why Would I Need an Annual Exam?

An annual exam can help give you the peace of mind and help you stay on track with your health.

Even if your overall health is okay and you don’t have any medical problems you’re aware of, you can benefit from this type of exam to help prevent future health problems or spot issues early.

Your annual physical exam can also help you get to know your doctor. This is helpful to establish care and allow your provider to know what is normal for you and some conditions you may be at risk for as the years go on.

Although no one is required to have an annual exam, most insurance companies will cover the cost for this visit, as it is greatly beneficial to see a doctor regularly.

You may consider an annual exam: 

  • To identify risk factors for common chronic diseases
  • To detect a disease that has no apparent symptoms
  • To promote healthy habits
  • To update clinical data
  • To update vaccinations
  • To enhance relationship between you and your provider

What is Checked During an Annual Physical Exam?

During your annual exam, the following may be evaluated:

Medical History

At your visit, you will be asked about your medical history. This is your chance to talk about any complains or concerns you may have. You may also discuss your lifestyle behaviors like sleeping, smoking, alcohol use, diet, exercise or sexual health.

You can discuss your family history and any diseases that you may be at risk for. You can also discuss when you should start screening for various types of cancer, heart complications, or other conditions.

Vital Signs

Your doctor will check your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory rate. This can give a good overall picture of your body and wellness.


At this visit, you can discuss any medications you take regularly or adjust any dosage if needed. If there are concerns about your mental or physical health, medication may be prescribed or you may be refered to a specialist.

Physical Exam

As part of the exam a physical exam is conducted to assess your:

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Abdominal area
  • Throat, mouth and teeth
  • Breast or pelvic exam for women
  • Testicular or prostate exam for men

Laboratory Tests

If you and doctor have specific concerns, you may have a laboratory test performed at your visit. This may include a urine test, blood test, thyroid function test, or other lab procedure. This can help screen for diabetes or a number of other conditions.

What Happens After an Annual Wellness Exam?

Assuming you’re healthy and your test results come back normal, you’ll only need to do an annual wellness exam once a year. Your doctor will also likely provide recommendations to improve or stay at your current level of health.

If an issue shows up or you receive abnormal test results, you may need to go back for more tests or additional follow-up appointments. Your provider will likely want to discuss the results with you and come up with a personalized treatment plan that will fit your current health conditions.

Schedule Your Annual Physical Exam in Madison, AL

If you are seeking an annual wellness exam or have any concerns about your health, contact Madison Medical Associates to meet with our providers. To connect with a specialist at our wellness clinic in Madison, AL, please call (256) 325-1160 to schedule your routine exam and discuss any necessary testing.