Should I Consider Medication Assisted Treatment?

Recovering from substance addiction is no easy journey. Treatments, including medication assisted treatment, make a world of difference for substance use disorders and sustaining recovery.

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What Is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?Sick patient taking pill-bottle with medication or vitamins from doctor hands

Regardless of how you ended up dependent on drugs, there is help out there for you. You are not alone. Do not beat yourself up.

The optimum time to begin a MAT program for substance abuse is during the early stages of withdrawal. This may be your decision, or it could also be because you landed in an emergency room due to your addiction.

Many emergency room physicians in the US are trained to recognize the need for medication assisted treatment. They can start treatment immediately after discussion with the patient.

Cutting through the red tape is a major step forward for those with addiction — no referrals needed, no waiting for acceptance into a program.

How MAT Works

According to the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA):

“MAT is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a ‘whole patient’ approach to the treatment of substance abuse disorders.”

Substance abuse disorders through recurrent use of drugs cause signs of impairment. These include health problems, disability, and failure to meet major responsibilities at work, school, or home.

Each MAT program is individually tailored to the patient, and the goal is full recovery.

The FDA-approved prescribed drugs help to accomplish the following:

  • Normalize brain chemistry
  • Block the euphoric effects of drugs
  • Relieve physiological cravings
  • Normalize body functions

Not A Silver Bullet

Getting medication assisted treatment for substance abuse does not promise a quick turnaround. While some patients may improve in the short term, that is not true for the majority of patients. Substance abuse disorder is an addiction which needs maintenance and work. Don’t give up.

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