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Do PRP Injections Help Shoulder Pain?

Got shoulder pain? Have you tried OTC anti inflammatory meds? How about heating pads? Did you get massages thinking that would help? If none of those options has relieved that nagging shoulder pain and you do not want to have surgery, maybe it’s time to try something else. Do platelet rich plasma, or PRP, injections help shoulder pain? Let’s find out.

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Suboxone for Opioid Use Disorder: Your Questions Answered

When someone you love is addicted to opioids, your life can become shattered. You want to help, but you don’t know how. Maybe it’s you who allowed yourself to use them for pain too often and too long after a surgery. Whatever your familiarity and relationship with opioids, you will be pleased to know about suboxone for opioid use disorder.

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Understanding The Difference Between Sprains, Strains, And Fractures

All you know right now is that your ankle hurts like the dickens. Is it sprained, strained, or fractured? All you want is for the pain to go away. Understanding the difference between sprains, strains, and fractures can help you know the appropriate measures to relieve the pain before seeing the doctor. The only way to know for certain is to visit Madison Medical Associates for an evaluation and X-ray.

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Can Losing Weight Improve My Heart Health?

Can losing weight improve my heart health? Yes, yes, and yes is the answer. Hearing mantras about keeping a healthy weight tell you immediately that your weight affects your health in general and that of your heart both positively and negatively. In fact, how you lose weight and how fast you lose it can affect your heart health as well. 

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Preventing Common Sports Injuries in Female Athletes

It has been 51 years since the passage of Title IX which guarantees equal access for girls and women in schools that accept federal funding. Young women’s participation in high school sports is now 12 times higher than when the law was passed in 1972. There are multiple benefits for women of all ages, but at the same time there is the risk of injury. Let’s take a look at preventing common sports injuries in female athletes.

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Neuropathy Stages and Pain Management

Peripheral nerves are those outside of the brain and spinal cord. Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves which can cause weakness, numbness, and pain. This usually occurs in the hands and feet. People with peripheral neuropathy usually explain the pain as burning, stabbing, or tingling. Let’s learn more about neuropathy stages and pain management.

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