8 Tips For Sleeping With Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain almost anywhere in your body, your sleep can be disturbed and interrupted. Consequently, without sufficient restful sleep, the pain seems even worse the next day. You get into a vicious circle of fatigue and increasing pain. Wouldn’t you like to discover how to get the refreshing sleep you need? Here are 8 tips for sleeping with chronic pain. Some may be unfamiliar, so keep an open mind.

well-rested african american man still in bed sleepingStart With Your Mattress

Is it sagging or have a body impression in it? It might be time for a new one. Sleeping with a sagging mattress every night will only exacerbate a chronic back problem.

Keep Those Power Naps To A Minimum

Depending on your age, a 30-45 minute power nap can help during the day and aid in a better night sleep.

Schedule Your Worries

Find a specific time during the day to think about all your worries rather than when you are about to go to sleep. Pick a specific time each day to add up all those worries, maybe even write them down, then let them go.

Certain Foods Promote Sleep

There are foods which increase the hormone serotonin to help you sleep. Try carbs like rice, fruit like cherries, and whole foods like milk, shellfish, and fatty fish. Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, and chocolate before bed.

Use Pillow Tricks

For back problems, use pillows to support your body. If you sleep on your back, put one or two pillows under your knees and keep adding more until you feel comfortable. If you sleep on your side, which is recommended for chronic back pain, put a pillow between your knees. Be sure your shoulder touches the bed.

Take An Evening Walk

If possible, take a 20 minute walk. The brief exercise will cause your core body temperature to rise. The temperature will drop from increased blood flow to your skin, and this should trigger a better night’s sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve chronic back pain.

Take Slow Deep Breaths

Slow deep breaths will calm your mind and body to alleviate pain and stress. Doing this before you go to sleep will help you fall asleep faster. Should you wake up during the night, practice it again.

Here Comes The Sun

Get a little sun every day! It will counteract the dark times and promote the circadian rhythm when you want to sleep. When properly aligned, circadian rhythm promotes consistent and restorative sleep.

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