How Does Weight Loss Help With Pain Management

How does weight loss help with pain management? For most of us, we already know we have put on too many pounds and the truth is that being overweight affects most everything in our body, including pain. That’s why we hear so much about weight loss. Rather than beating yourself up about what the scale says, let’s look at how losing just a little weight might help with pain management.

The Chicken And The Egg

Just like that dilemma, are you putting on pounds because you are in pain and can’t move your body like you should? Or are you in pain because you have become obese? It’s an interesting question that only you can answer. The bottom line is that if you want to reduce your chronic pain, talk to Madison Medical Associates about the reasons FOR your pain. One of them may turn out to be your weight.

Acknowledging this fact without embarrassment or guilt is the first step. Some physicians may be uncomfortable bringing it up first, so you get the conversation started.

woman's feet standing on weight scale

Obesity And Chronic Pain

Whether it’s your knees, back, or hips, carrying around a lot of weight exacerbates that pain. Your physical frame can only take so much pressure on your joints and muscles, and it adds to their wear and tear. Someone who is suffering with arthritis can find that the pain is reduced with each pound they drop.

Unfortunately obesity and chronic pain can make the other worse. The more pain you have, the less likely you are to be active. This in turn can lead to weight gain. The bottom line is carrying extra weight can make the pain worse.

In addition, you may become depressed from both conditions. This downward spiral continues with even less activity, gaining more weight, and resorting to unhealthy foods.

Find A Way To Overcome This Unhealthy Cycle

There are several ways to pull yourself out of this cycle.

Ask Madison Medical Associates For Guidance

Your doctor can suggest behavior modifications to help you focus on eating healthy foods. Maybe you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. There are typically many local and community programs and classes to help with weight loss as well.

Visualize A Healthier You

Picture yourself healthier, more active, thinner, and happier. Sometimes all we need to get motivated is to “think” ourselves there.

Take Your Time

If you begin to engage in more activity, don’t expect instant gratification. You will feel better about yourself, but you might not see physical changes right away. Know you are making progress and combine the walking and exercise with nutritious foods.

Use Facts To Motivate You

In addition to reducing chronic pain, losing weight lowers your risks for diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Engage With Family And Friends

Seek out those who will be supportive of your goals. Share your plans with them and celebrate any small improvements. Pat yourself on the back with each step you achieve.

If you are overweight, don’t suffer with chronic pain alone. Ask for help.

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